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Doing business in the Netherlands

De Hooge Waerder takes your business further

For over 40 years we have been known as a customer-friendly full-service accountancy firm where matters are resolved quickly and to full satisfaction. Customers also like the fact that assigned contact persons are available at any time. 

Our down-to-earth, committed and proactive professionals look beyond your figures. They immerse themselves in your approach, plans and objectives and can therefore always offer advice that perfectly matches your daily practice and future plans.

DHW International

An accountant can assist international companies and expats with various financial and tax matters. DHW International provides tax advice and helps prepare tax returns in the host country. They often face complex tax issues, such as international tax obligations and tax benefits. The experts of DHW International also advise on social security and pension schemes, helping you understand different systems and optimize contributions and accumulation.

Consulting our accountant experienced in expat services to discuss the specific situation is advisable. DHW International can help expats fulfill their tax obligations, leverage tax benefits, optimize financial planning, and assist you with various financial matters associated with international relocations.

On top of all services, we can supplement our own expertise with experts from 90 offices from 65 economically relevant countries because we are an independent member of Morison Global.

A suitable solution for any entrepreneurial issue

You can contact De Hooge Waerder for any entrepreneurial issue. We support you in all activities and decisions in the financial and economic field. Varying from administrative, tax, legal, HRM and ICT activities to Corporate Finance. The combination of expertises means you can rely on a broad, professional service. You can rely on the commitment of our specialists through your assigned contact person where necessary.

Proactive and practical

Our work ethic can be characterized as proactive and practical. ‘Proactive’ because we alert you to any gaps and, where necessary, act quickly through solution-based advice. Our short lines of communication and flexible working attitude are ‘practical’ and helps you to optimize control over your organization.

De Hooge Waerder; more complete than you think

Founded in 1980, De Hooge Waerder has grown into an office with five branches and more than 150 employees in 40 years. Over the years, more than 3.000 customers of De Hooge Waerder have found a reliable sounding board. In addition to the specialism you require, De Hooge Waerder offers many other services. Your advantage is that we are able to provide a complete range of services under the same roof. 

About us

Great that you found us ! We would like to tell you more about our way of working and about the values of our beautiful company!. At The Hooge Waerder we find personal contact very important and like it when you call us. Of course, we can call you, leave your details behind. Our office is affiliated with the NBA, NIRV, Novak, Full Finance and RB. So you can rely on our work to meet the highest quality standard. However, we would like to let you experience this yourselves, so just come and visit us. De Hooge Waerder is located in Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Beverwijk and Heerhugowaard. If you prefer us to visit your office, we will be happy to do so.

Our Dutch locations

From several offices in Noord-Holland (AlkmaarBeverwijkHaarlem,
Heerhugowaard and Amsterdam) our more than 150 highly motivated employees serve our diverse client portfolio.

Online bookkeeping

Online bookkeeping has many advantages. For example, the exchange of administrative data with the auditor is optimally regulated. This enables the permanent advisor of the Hooge Waerder to advise and guide better and more accurately.

Working at DHW

Are you considering a next step in your career? With us you will find all the possibilities to develop yourself in one of our divisions. Whether you’re a graduate or already have a good dose of experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

A tax advisor is an expert in the field of taxes (such as income tax, sales tax, payroll tax) who advises individuals and companies about taxes and often also prepares their tax returns. Tax advisors usually work for clients for whom they want to find the most financially advantageous solution. In fact, a tax advisor is looking for a way to ensure that his clients pay as little tax as possible, while of course taking into account the legislation and administrative processes of the company in question.

An accountant checks the financial administration and accounting of a company, private individual or institution. Accountants advise entrepreneurs on financial matters, administration, tax issues and business economics and often handle financial statements. They also prepare internal and external reports and sometimes act as a mediator within the company, helping to think about the design of their client’s business form.

A legal counsel represents your legal interests and tries to tackle your legal issue or any dispute as best as possible. Initially, a legal counsel will inform you about the various parts of your legal position and give you advice based on this. It is of course important to know what the opportunities and/or risks are if legal proceedings should arise in your entrepreneurship.

An accountant is a specialist you can always turn to. Accountants know a lot about most administrative rules and laws in the financial field, provide advice on this and often prepare reports on the financial affairs of a company. A tax advisor specifically knows a lot about tax legislation, but is less concerned with advice on administrations and annual accounts.

If you are looking for someone who is always up to date with the latest tax rules, if you prefer to outsource the time you usually put in, and if you no longer have insight into your taxes and are unable to find a solution, this is it is an idea to contact a tax advisor. A tax advisor is an expert when it comes to tax matters, so they can help you get started with the right tax strategy, which can ultimately save you a lot of money.

An accountant is needed for preparing annual accounts, tax returns, and financial reports. They can also assist with starting a business, financial planning, and investment advice. Companies legally required to undergo an audit need an accountant to review their finances. In mergers, acquisitions, and restructurings, an accountant provides essential advice and support. Additionally, an accountant can help with tax audits and disputes with the tax authorities.

A legal counsel is there to represent your legal interests in the event of a legal issue or dispute. There are countless situations in which a legal counsel can help you out. If you have a conflict with your employer or employee, with your landlord or with the government, for example. Then you can contact a legal counsel who will try to bring your legal matter to the best possible conclusion by, among other things, advising you on your legal position and its strengths and weaknesses.

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