Our 160 employees are professionals and at the same time easily approachable.  They work from five convenient locations: Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Beverwijk, Haarlem, Heerhugowaard. The companies of our customers range from retail to multinational, divided over basically any line of business. We serve our customers with financial advice regarding accountancy and taxes. But we also provide HRM services, legal advice and advice regarding valuation and buying/selling of companies.

De Hooge Waerder Alkmaar

Kennemerstraatweg 303a, 1814 GM Alkmaar
Postbus 3013, 1801 GA Alkmaar
Tel. 072 5180000
Fax 072 5180099
E-mail alkmaar@dehoogewaerder.nl

De Hooge Waerder Beverwijk

Vondellaan 4a, 1942 LJ  Beverwijk
Postbus 562, 1940 AN  Beverwijk
Tel. 0251 229752
Fax 0251 227888
E-mail beverwijk@dehoogewaerder.nl

De Hooge Waerder Haarlem

Kennemerplein 6-14
2011 MJ Haarlem
Tel. 023 5321733
Fax 023 5312359
E-mail haarlem@dehoogewaerder.nl

De Hooge Waerder Heerhugowaard

Hectorlaan 11, 1702 CL  Heerhugowaard
Tel. 072 5747000
Fax 072 5711288
E-mail heerhugowaard@dehoogewaerder.nl

De Hooge Waerder Amsterdam

Johan van Hasseltweg 2C2
1022 WV Amsterdam
Tel. 072 5180000
Fax 072 5180099
E-mail amsterdam@dehoogewaerder.nl