DHW International: Accounting Services

If you want to do business in The Netherlands, we will be glad to be of assistance to you. We offer a wide range of accounting needs, whether you are looking to trade outside your local market for the first time or you already have a successful business in The Netherlands. Dealing with accounting issues can be frustrating enough in a your country of origin but a lack of local knowledge could prove to be a real headache outside of your domestic market.  DHW International can help by providing the day-to-day accountancy services that will make your international business run smoothly. Our accounting services include:

          • Bookkeeping
          • Management accounts
          • Accounts outsourcing
          • Budgeting and forecasts
          • Reporting on accounting systems and internal controls
          • Payroll
          • Financial reviews
          • Company secretarial services
          • Tax returns

DHW International continously invests in ways to automate the process of bookkeeping. Both to reduce the number of manual entries (preventing mistakes) and to make it more cost efficient. Our clients work with the most sophisticated (online) software available and we are constantly investing in new technology. Soon our clients can visit their own portal with forecasts and their complete digital file. DHW International was the first Dutch firm to establish a link between bookkeeping software and bankaccounts with the three largest banks in The Netherlands. This link has currently been extended to all banks in The Netherlands.

We will continue to strive for digitisation where possible to make the process of bookkeeping easier and more efficient. This has resulted in more than 50 % of our clients already receiving a digital balance sheet and their annual statement of account instead of a printed sheet.