DHW International: Audit

We are pleased to offer internationally coordinated audit services to head office auditors or on a multinational level.  We meet all international standards and have a AFM license. With DHW International Audit Services you will benefit from a tailored approach to suit the requirements and complexity of your organisation. We take pride in our knowledge of the relevant international and national legislative and regulatory requirements. Our audit services include:

Statutory Audits
Because of our focus on IT, we try to integrate software in the process of auditing where possible. This rules out mistakes and makes for an efficient and down to earth audit process.  The composition of our audit has hardly changed during the last couple of years which is greatly appreciated by our clients.  Aside from complying with regulatory demands, our independent reviews provide our clients with insight on effective financial reporting and control mechanisms to enhance your business performance.

Specialist Audits
Our specialist audits are often requested by clients wanting sector based insight on a wide range of vertical markets including numerous charities.