DHW International: Corporate Finance

Great businesses don’t succeed by accident. Building and developing a business requires sound advice, planning, preparation and implementation. This is where DHW International comes in by making a substantial difference to your corporate strategies with a comprehensive range of corporate finance and business consulting services.

Corporate Finance

During your existence as an entrepreneur you need to take numerous decisions. Some of these decisions are substantial and require a sparring partner. DHW International is your partner every step of the way during negotiations, due diligence, business valuation and during the start or selling of a business. Below we state the different situations during which we will be glad to be of assistance.

Acquiring businesses
We can take the strain off your business during the acquisition process by:

    • (Co-) developing your acquisition strategy
    • Identifying targets
    • Negotiating with vendors
    • Raising funding
    • Advising of tax efficient deal structures
    • Managing the legal and due diligence process, and
    • Steering the acquisition to successful completion

Raising capital
By maintaining strong relationships with a full range of funders, we are in an excellent position to assess your funding requirement and identify the most suitable source of funds.

Selling businesses
Services include the development of an exit strategy, assistance in the grooming of a business for sale, researching and identifying potential purchasers, handling the sale, and tax planning. We are also experienced in assisting either the current business owner or the new management team with a Management Buy Out (MBO).

We can make it easier to start a business by:

    • (Co-) developing your business strategy
    • Identifying targets
    • Negotiating with suppliers
    • Raising funding
    • Managing the legal process, and
    • Helping you get started on jurisdiction and administrative processes around staff
    • Producing a feasibility study

Business consulting services

    • Company strategy
    • SWOT analysis
    • Strategic business review
    • Strategic planning

Management & Organisation

    • Organisational structure
    • Business process reengineering
    • Coaching and mediation

Marketing & Sales

    • Marketing plans
    • Marketing research

Business Recovery & Insolvency

    • Business recovery
    • Insolvency

Advice on Profitability

    • Working capital management
    • Business restructuring
    • Cost controls