DHW International: IT

We are continually investing in ways to simplify the process of bookkeeping and to lower the number of manual entries. DHW International has invested a lot over the years in new systems, all designed to make it easier for our clients. Of the 4,000 accountfirms in The Netherlands, we were one of the first to establish a link between the three main banks and our bookkeeping software. With this link came a lot of comfort for our clients, because linking these banktransactions to the administration required numerous timeconsuming manual entries.

But our IT department does a lot more than equipping our clients with the most sophisticated hard- en software. We provide:

    •  (remote) helpdesk support
    • we draw up and design management software systems, tailored to the customer’s  requirements
    • for Audit clients we integrate their software with our Audit software, making our audits a lot more efficient
    • we are experts when it comes to Het Nieuwe Werken, a very popular way of working “3.0”. We equip companies with the latest technology so their employees can work from home or any other location at any time they want to.
    • we are experts in safeguarding your information and providing back-up solutions.

Our five IT experts will be glad to assist you with your request.